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Hi folks,

I’ve been making various things over the years.
I’ve not been documenting them super-good.

Let’s start a blog!
I’ve not used WordPress before, so this could get messy…

I’ll give you more interesting posts in future, but I’ll start you off with some snippets from recent projects:

I’ve been working on making my very own “working” Pip-Boy 3000 (as seen in the game Fallout 3) using a Raspberry Pi as its brain:

(the latest version of the software is uploaded to my BitBucket)

That’s my second attempt at making a Pip-Boy, I made a non-working version (plus matching Vault Suit) four years ago:
The Lone Wanderer

I’ve recently been working on building/programming a four-legged robot, which I’ve dubbed The TetraQuad:

I’m also planning to build a 5x5x5 RGB LED cube: